How to shop on Anggia Handmade website?
We have made a guidence about how to shop. Please read it before making any order.

Where is the Anggia Handmade’s location store? 
You can find our stores on location store page. Feel free to come:)

Do I have to create an account to shop on Anggia Handmade?
It is not necessary but creating account give you an advantage because you do not need to rewrite your data (profile, billing address, etc) every time you would like to purchase our products.

Does Anggia Handmade provide reseller or dropship system?
Sorry, we currently only support reseller system. Contact us for more info.

Can the product purchased be returned? 
Yes, if you buy on our website, you are able to return the products. Please read our return and exchange policy.

Does Anggia Handmade allow international order? 
Yes, we handle international order too. Creating international order is same as domestic order. But make sure you choose the appropriate currency (we suggest US Dollar) before order.