How To Shop

1) Finding Products

You can find our items through the main menu grouped by categories. Choose menu Collection and you can find our product categories.


You also can use our search function to find product by name.

search function

2) Adding Item to Shopping Cart

You can add product item to cart on item details page. Just set the item quantity and click “Add to Cart” button.


3) Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is a place for storing your want-to-buy items. Click the cart to review your chosen items.

shopping cart

4) Shipping Details

Make sure you complete the billing and shipping details to help us send your items to the right place. You can choose shipping delivery service after you complete the shipping address details.

shipping anggia handmade

5) Checkout and Payment

There is only two payment option which is Bank Transfer and Paypal. Paypal is only available if you are not from Indonesia. After you choose the payment method, click “Place Order” to complete the checkout process.


6) Payment Confirmation

You should make payment first before doing payment confirmation. Click My Account

my account

Then you click “Confirm” in your placed order


6) Product Delivery

You will be notified via email when your order is completed. Our courier will deliver your items to your address within days depends on your location.