Shipping Guide

Shipping Rules and Restrictions

  • Shipping cost is usually calculated based on your total order weight
  • Every shipping service has its own shipping cost calculation.
  • Your package will be arrived within days depends on your location and your chosen shipping service.
  • We don’t responsible if you don’t receive the products because of mistaken or misspelled address
  • We don’t responsible for the products after it is processed by shipping service

Shipping Services

We use the following shipping services:

1) JNE (Domestic)


JNE is one of popular shipping service that has very large networks and area support. This shipping service is door to door service. So, your package will be delivered to your address directly. We recommend you to choose this shipping service for domestic order.

JNE Shipping Cost Calculation

JNE shipping cost calculation is based on product weight. If you order’s  total weight is 2 kg and the shipping cost per kg to your location is Rp 10,000 then the total of shipping cost is Rp 20,000

2) Herona Express (Domestic)


Herona Express is train shipping service. It has less destination covered than JNE but in some locations, it is cheaper and more economics than JNE. This shipping service is train station to another train station service. You must pick up your package at nearest train station.

Herona Express Shipping Cost Calculation

Herona express has different shipping cost calculation than JNE. Until some point of weight, the cost is same and if it reaches the limit, the cost is added per kg. For example:

Herona Express cost to Jakarta
Up to 10 kg => Rp 30,000
1 kg afterwards => Rp 1,000

If your order’s total weight is 5 kg, you will be charged Rp 30,000 but if it is 12 kg, you will be charged Rp 32,000 (30,000 + 2,000)

3) Lion Cargo (Domestic and International)


Lion Cargo is a shipping service that use Lion Airlines as the medium. It is faster even in just one day you can get your package. This shipping service is airport to airport service. You have to pick up your package at nearest airport. This shipping service supports domestic and international order.

Lion Cargo Shipping Cost Calculation

Lion Cargo’s minimum order weight is 10 kg. If your order’s weight only 5 kg, it is still be calculated with 10 kg’s cost. After 10 kg, the cost is calculated per kg. For example see the simulation below:

Cost per kg  to Jayapura => Rp 33,000

If your order’s total weight is 5 kg, you will be charged Rp 330,000 (10 kg * 33,000)
If your order’s total weight is 12 kg, you will be charged Rp 396,000 ( 12 kg * 33,000)

4) Custom Shipping by Anggia Handmade

Custom shipping is the last option if we can’t find any shipping courier to your location in our database. If you happened use custom shipping, you must wait for our total cost email before making payment. We will decide first best shipping courier to your location and add the shipping cost into your order total cost.